Trade Industry Development Specialist (OSEC-DTIB-TRIDS-148-1998)


No. of Vacancy:                    One (1)

Bureau:                                  Department of Trade and Industry Region 02

Office of Assignment:           Consumer Protection Division (CPD), Regional Office

Position Title:                         Trade Industry Development Specialist

Item No/s:                              OSEC-DTIB-TRIDS-148-1998

Status of Position:                 Permanent

Salary Grade:                        SG 15

Basic Monthly Salary:           P 36,619.00

Open to all applicants who meet the following qualifications regardless of sex and gender preference, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation and physical ability.


Education:      Bachelor’s Degree relevant to the job

Experience:    1 year of relevant experience

Training:         4 hours of relevant training

Eligibility:        Career Service (Professional)/ or any Second Level Eligibility

A. General Function of the Position:

    Under general supervision, assists in planning, implements and assists in evaluating trade and industry-related programs/projects and activities; provides consultancy and extension services to clients; prepares technical papers and research studies; performs coordinative work with private sector and government agencies; analyzes trade and industry data; provides staff support in meetings with private sector and government agencies; updates and disseminates trade and industry information maintained by the office; and does other related work.

    B. Statement of Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Receives and processes applications for sales promotion and private emission testing center;
    • Assists/ strengthens consumer groups and prepares Consumer Net directories;
    • Conducts inspection of firms for repair and service enterprise/ shop accreditation;
    • Conducts seminar on shop accreditation;
    • Conducts regular price monitoring of basic and prime commodities covered by DTI and prepares report and analysis;
    • Prepares/ submit reports on fair trade laws monitoring enforcement and consumer complaints;
    • Ensures preservation of evidence;
    • Assists the private and consumer organizations;
    • Conducts factory assessment/ audit among PS license holders to check compliance with companies’ quality management system;
    • Conducts product assessment/ audit among PS license holders to check compliance with relevant Phil. National Standards;
    • Conducts monitoring and inspection of repair/ service shops for accreditation per PD 1572;
    • Conducts consumer education campaigns eg. On standardization, consumer act and other fair-trade laws;
    • Conducts research on applicable laws or jurisprudence pertaining to any issues raised;
    • Conducts networking activities;
    • Assists/ coordinates conduct of public consultation;
    • Assists in the processing of PS license applications;
    • Assists in Local Price Coordinating Council and Area Productivity Council activities;
    • Establishes and monitors consumer welfare desks;
    • Receives and prepares approval of sales promotion applications and supervises sales promo raffle draws;
    • Conducts skills training, technology upgrading, demonstrations on technology transfer, and symposia;
    • Conducts research and surveys affecting various aspects in the application of Productivity tools and concepts (eg. Alignment of company’s quality management system with ISO 9000 and the establishment of environmental management system (ISO14000). Assists local manufacturers in setting up Quality Management System (QMS) and productivity tools/ practices;
    • Attends meetings/ conferences and coordinates inter-agency activities/ work;
    • Takes charge in the implementation and monitoring of special projects;
    •   Performs other related work.
    1. Competencies:

    Organizational Competencies: Integrated Industry and Globalized Outlook (Intermediate), Delivering Solutions, Services and Support to DTI’s Stakeholders (Intermediate), Networking and Linkaging (Advance), Delivering Excellent Results (Advance), Collaborating (Intermediate), Agility (Intermediate), Exemplifying Professionalism and Integrity (Intermediate)

    Technical Competencies: Knowledge of FTLs- Fair Trade Laws (Advance), Networking Skills (Advance), Oral and Written Communication (Advance), Computer Literate (Advance), Keen with details (Advance)

    Interested and qualified applicants should signify their interest in writing and submit complete credentials through this link-   not later than November 29, 2023. 

    Only those who signify their interest will be considered for screening and only shortlisted applicants will be notified to undergo a further selection process.

    Incomplete documents and late submissions will not be entertained.      

    Regional Director
    Department of Trade and Industry- Region 02
    #11 Dalan na Pappabalo, Regional Government Center, Carig Sur, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan
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