The Department of Trade and Industry

Anchored on the Values of Passion, Integrity, Creativity, Competence, Synergy, and Love of Country, and our MISSION as the government’s main economic catalyst in Enabling innovative, competitive, job-generating, inclusive business, and Empowering consumers. These we do in order to achieve our VISION 2022 of “A more inclusive and prosperous Philippines with employment and income opportunities for all.” 


The DTI is responsible for realizing the country’s goal of globally competitive and innovative industry and services sector that contribute to inclusive growth and employment generation.

Pursuant to the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2017-2022, we shall endeavor to reduce inequality and poverty by expanding economic opportunities in industry and services, and by increasing the access particularly of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), cooperatives and overseas Filipinos (OFs) to these opportunities. To attain these sector outcomes by 2022, we need to:

  1. Increase local and foreign direct investments. Increase competitiveness, innovativeness and resilience of industries and services
  2. Improve access to finance, to production networks, and to markets
  3. Enhance productivity, efficiency, and resilience
  4. Ensure consumer access to safe and quality goods and services

These we accomplish through six major programs:

Exports and Investment Development Program

Industry Development Program

SME Development Program

Consumer Protection Program

Consumer Education and Advocacy Program

Good Governance Program

We commit to effect good governance by delivering public service that is predictable, participatory, accountable, efficient, transparent, and honest.

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